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Modernisations and repairs of coal stoker-fired boilers

The contemporary thermal management, based on the combustion of conventional fuels, especially hard coal, requires the highest efficiency boilers. Such are economic requirements as the prices of fuels are continuously growing, and the environmental contamination with the products of combustion reaches the level threatening the biosphere. The physical abundance and the common use of hard coal are the reason why the combustion of this fuel will be for many years the cheapest source of thermal energy for heating and power purposes. Yet, a large number of coal boilers in use are characterised by the low efficiency and high ecological nuisance. Replacement of the boilers with new ones involves significant investment costs.

Major technical solutions:
  • Complete or partial replacement of furnaces,
  • Change of the pressure part, adding or extension
  • Adding of initial dust separators in front of cyclone battery
  • Complete or partial automation of the boiler’s operation.
Major effects:
  • Reaching the efficiency of furnaces at the level of 95 - 96%,
  • Improvement of the efficiency of boilers within the range of 82 - 88%,
  • Dust emission not higher than 100 mg/um3,
  • Reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides down to the level below 400 mg/um3,
  • Reducing the emission of carbon oxide down to the level below 50 mg/um3,
  • Increasing the power of boilers even by 30% !!
  • A possibility of burning the hard coal of inferior quality!
  • A possibility of effective co-combustion of coal with biomass

We guarantee that the operating parameters of modernised boilers will be equal to those of boilers with the latest designs. We carried out several hundred modernisations – repairs of coal stoker-fired boilers with power from 1 – 50 MW . We gained full satisfaction of our customers and a positive opinion of the institutions testing the boilers. The Warsaw University of Technology, ECO Opole, The Research and Development Centre for Energy Management in Katowice, EKOKAL Kalety.